How much notice is needed to book inspection?

Usually a few days is sufficient but in slow times the same day may be possible and in very busy seasons as much as 4 days may be needed.

Does thermal imaging cost extra?

No, we believe that YOU the customer deserve the best inspection possible and our goal is for you to feel we have done our best to satisfy YOU.

Do you only thermal image the home?

We do a complete inspection of every system of the home as you would expect from any good CAHPI Certified inspector. At Lanron Inspections, thermal imaging is just part of the inspection. You deserve the best value possible.

How long does an inspection take?

2 1/2 hours is the usual for a normal home, but there are times when we have been as long as 4 hours and this can be caused by a home that has major defects, larger homes or the client has many questions that we will take whatever time needed to satisfy.

When do I receive my report?

After the inspection is completed I process the information at the office then email it to you and your realtor. This is usually done within 4 hours (average is 2 hrs.) The reason we do not do it on-site is the report will be more concise and accurate, also we feel the client does not want to be delayed on the inspection site while inspector inputs data into a laptop.

Should the client be present during the inspection?

Absolutely. I find that it is important to educate clients on their new purchase – this includes maintenance, defects and common issues pertaining to your new home. This will give you the knowledge and tools needed to make the correct decisions during negotiations with the seller.