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Commercial Inspections

Lanron’s Commercial Inspections Services is a top notch service that gathers significant amount of data during the inspection on a commercial property or site.

Most commercial Property inspections and assessments are not the same. For example, the inspections report all depends on the information that the client requires. This is in relation to the property and what they are looking for. In addition, owners may need to know how well maintained a property is. Especially if they have rented the property to a third party.

Buying commercial property is a major commitment of time and money. Lanron Inspections provides the best Property Condition Inspections based on a client’s risk tolerance level, budget, and transaction time constraints. Such services may range from conducting basic walk-throughs to a more in-depth approach encompassing a team of consultants and professionals.

The walk-through portion identifies needed maintenance items, for example, physical deficiencies and long term maintenance requirements. To ensure a potential property is a worthwhile investment a Lanron evaluates the overall condition of the:
• Building(s)
• Site improvements
• Key building systems
• Mechanical/electrical components.

When requested, Lanron may also report on associated short and long-term maintenance costs or recommendations. Lanron assist lenders/buyers in understanding the condition of the building and site improvements and how it will impact financially

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