Thermal Image of Heat Leak through Windows

Thermal Imaging Inspection

It would be nice to look between walls and make sure our pipes, plumbing, insulation, and barriers are in order. Well now you can with the help of your home inspectors using Thermal Imaging. Moisture and leaks are one of the leading causes of problems that can occur in homes. Moisture or leaks from pipes or wall barriers can cause major damage to a home. In addition, it usually goes undetected until it’s too late or there is major damage. With Lanrons Thermal Imaging Inspection Service, we can usually detect these problems right away.

Our Infrared thermal imaging inspections help you ‘see’ issues behind the scenes that influence the energy-efficiency, safety, and health of your structure, the contents, and those living / working in it.

Infrared Cameras can see more then the naked eye and can usually detect the exact location of the problem area. It can usually detect a variety of issues like
• Heat Loss Areas
• Termite or pest damage
• Plumbing leaks
• Window Leaks
• Missing insulation
• Water Damage
• And much more.

Whether you need us to find a leak, water intrusion, roof leaks or building structure failures, Lanron’s Thermal Imaging Inspection get the job done.

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