Top Five Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Home And Building Inspector

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While moving to a new home stirs an overwhelming emotion in you, it’s essential not to forget to get your home inspected by a professional. A home and building inspector can list out all the current and potential structural defects, electrical issues, leaks, and mold, and help you fix these issues and keep your abode at its finest. However, with so many inspectors available in the market, it can be daunting to pick a reliable one and be certain of their services. To make this selection procedure easier for you and make the right choice, here’s a list of the top five questions to ask before hiring a home and building inspector.

1. What are their credentials? 
Ask about your prospective home inspector’s credentials. Has your home inspector been certified through an accredited association? APHIS is one of the top Associations in Alberta and has the highest standards. A good association should direct perspective inspectors to get the best training possible and who to get this training from.

2. What are the tools that they use?
What tools does the inspector show up with? And is the inspector trained in how to use these tools to their full potential correctly? If an inspector shows up with a thermal imaging camera, do they have a level 1-2 thermography certification? Besides, do they carry moisture meters, borescopes, electrical testers, and a ladder with them? It’s essential to ask these questions before enlisting their services.

3. Do you have to be present during the inspection?
Does the inspector recommend that you be present when the inspection is taking place? Some inspectors do not like the client present until the end or at all during the investigation. I recommend the client remain present throughout the inspection so that the inspector can talk about their findings and maintenance of the building. I consider myself a teacher due to the extra time I take to ensure that my client is comfortable with whether to purchase the place and also with the maintenance.

4. When will they deliver the report?
The report should be delivered within twenty-four hours at the latest. At Lanron Inspections, we take great pride in delivering the report as soon as possible. Most reports are sent to our client and their realtor within three hours of completing the inspection. Our reports are computer generated with comprehensive explanations and pictures.  Besides, we also provide our clients with approximately 500 pages of extra information on the workings of a home.

5. Will the inspector be available after the completion of the inspection process?
Will the inspector be available for the clients after the inspection process is completed? It’s essential that your home and building inspector answers affirmatively to this question. We have many clients that contact us even a few years later with questions about the home or who to call for contractors. We also can recommend the best products and services.

If you’re looking for a reliable home and building inspector in Calgary, Alberta, reach out to Lanron Inspections. As an experienced company of professional home inspectors, we have been in the home inspection business for over thirteen years and have inspected over 6000 homes and buildings. We serve clients across Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks, Strathmore, and Cochrane, Alberta. Besides, we also help our clients by educating them about the maintenance of their homes.

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