Pre-Listing Home Inspections in Calgary, Alberta

Many of us have lived in our homes for many years, We gets busy, repairs and maintenance can be surpassed and we get used to the condition of the home and just live with it. But then you sell having an accepted offer on your house only to get to the home inspection and be blindsided by the buyer’s Inspectors report.

There are many advantages of doing a pre-listing inspection. These are:

  • You will know the condition of your home. This allows you to price more accurately.
  • You are knowing what the problem areas are beforehand, This allows you to decide your plan of attack: repair, replace, leave as is or leave it for the negotiating table. Or you can address issues beforehand having a stress free sale.
  • Buyers will have more confidence if they know that a good, reputable inspection company has already been through the home.
  • Save the deal: Inspection items are quite often a deal breaker and can lead to ill will between buyer and seller or worse, the deal falling through.